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December 14, 2012

National Investment Commission Press Statement:

A Liberian delegation led by the Chairman of the Liberia National Investment Commission (NIC) Hon. Natty B. Davis returned from Turkey on the weekend (Sunday 09 Dec 2012) at the end of a five days visit to that Country. The delegation also comprised key members of the private sector including Mr. Lusinee F. Kamara; Former Minister of Finance and Executive Council Member, Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC); Mr. Dee – Maxwell S. Kemayah Sr, president, Liberian Business Association (LIBA), Mr. Prince Y. Jallabah, member, Liberia Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Wellington Jah, Focal person, private Sector Development, United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

During the visit, the delegation met with Dr. Kadir Tokbas, Istanbul City Mayor and President of the World Local Cities Council and Member, panel of Eminent person on the post 2015 Agenda; Turkey indigenous business association (TUSKON); The Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Member of the Foreign Economic Relations Board, Member of the Cooperate Social Responsibility of Europe; Turkish representative of the Global Compact Turkey Network, interested private sector businesses and paid visits to the Istanbul Vocational Training Center and the Dream Academy; an institution with world class modules for rehabilitating physical and mentally disabled people.

The delegation also met with Hon. Cedvet Yilmaz, Turkish Minister of Development; Under- Secretary Mehmet Gucuk of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held lunch meeting with the Vice President, Coordinator of African Affairs and other key members of the Turkish Development Corporation responsible for assimilating Turkey development aid and partnership through various sectors including youth skills development and vocational training programs, support to health services, private sector development, to name a few.

According to Marinescu Simona, Director of UNDP of Istanbul international Center for private Sector Development, Liberia’s private sector development is important for reducing poverty in Liberia, improving infrastructure, developing skills and creating jobs. She said the center partnership with Liberia and Liberian businesses through the UNDP Liberia Country Office will result into the formulation of not just a strategy for the development of the private sector but will focus on the base of the Pyramid involving the poor into the value chain as suppliers and consumers. The UNDP private Sector Development named Strategy development, Sustainable energy programs and skills development as upstream activities through which the Center will support Liberia. She further named impact investment program, market inclusiveness study, Financial inclusion, launch of UN Global compact among others as key areas for support through UNDP program to ensure Liberia meets it development objectives. She said this initiative is the beginning of exposing Liberia to best practices and experiences from which the Country can develop.

The mission was supported by UNDP as part of its support to private sector development program. According to the Chairman of the National Investment Commission, Hon. O. Natty B. Davis, the visit was very successful and he looks forward to briefing the President and his colleagues on the outcome. Hon. Davis confirmed that following a briefing to the president, the NIC will organize a press conference to inform the Liberian public.

The NIC Chairman did indicate his satisfaction of the partnership being formed between the Liberian Business Delegation and related Turkish Business Association. He outlined the need for the Liberian business delegation to extend an invitation to their Turkish counterparts to field a trade delegation to visit Monrovia and begin to consummate business and trade arrangements between Liberia and Turkey and as well develop business linkages for information sharing.

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